5 Fat Loss Tips for Women you can Start Today!!


As women we often juggle many ‘hats’. Mother. Partner. employee. Business woman. Daughter. Sister. It’s no wonder we don’t often have time to think about what we need to do for US. Just as a woman- no hats involved! One thing I do know is its rare to find a woman who is happy with her body. If thats you then I salute you! There is a difference though between looking good and thinking you look good. Most of the time we look good but just don’t see it! Theres always another women who would kill for your figure, but all you can do is look at yourself with a critical eye… thats women for you! Me included!

Here is a few simple tips I put together for you to implement into your daily lives to boost your health and help with that stubborn fat-loss. Hope you find them useful.


1) Eat off a smaller plate

Studies showed that people were more likely to eat 40% more popcorn if it came in a larger tub compared to a medium one. To make it even worse, the researchers made the popcorn purposefully stale- not the slightest bit tasty. Yet people with large boxes ate the equivalent of 21 more handfuls than people who had a medium box of popcorn. WHY?!? A trick of the brain…. the people with the large popcorn thought they were eating much less than they actually did. What does this tell us? Change the environment your food comes in. Put it on a smaller plate, your brain will think its much more food than it actually is. Instant calorie reduction and less likely to result in overeating. RESULT!

In short: Smaller plate = tricks mind to eat less

2) Hydration

Yes I do bang on about the importance of hydration to my detox and transformation customers…. and on, and on, and on! Its no coincidence that when I have been my leanest, my hydration levels are at their highest! Most people are scared too much water will make them bloated. This is not the case-WATER IS ESSENTIAL FOR FAT LOSS AND BOOSTING METABOLISM. Let’s face it, water is not the most exciting thing to drink. Do what you can to make it work for you- a personal favourite of mine is adding lemon or lime or cucumber and fresh mint.

In short: hydration = fat loss

3) Eat high protein

Eating more protein will bump up your metabolism and help you maintain lean muscle mass. Ladies, don’t be scared of muscle. You want lean muscle to burn more fat and get that sexy lean look! Your body actually burns more calories eating protein than when digesting fats or carbs. Protein also makes us feel fuller for longer, without leaving you horribly bloated.

In short: Lots of protein = fat burning machine

4) Cut out dairy, gluten, refined sugars and processed foods

Eating clean sounds scary and time consuming but it really isn’t when you get the hang of it. Like anything it takes an adjustment but you can slowly start introducing healthier principles into your life. Dairy and gluten are also the two biggest potential allergens which cause inflammation in the bodies. Many people have underlying food intolerances which massively impacts on your appearance and ability to lose weight (think constantly bloated stomach after eating!). If I eat dairy I feel like I have a hangover the next day and I look and feel bloated. A constantly inflamed body will not lead to that toned and lean look you want to achieve. Your body will be too busy trying to fight toxins when it needs to be burning fat.

In short: Eat clean= Get lean!


5) Set yourself rewards that DON’T involve food

So you have worked that butt off (literally!!) and you’ve dropped 6lbs, hit your first target weight or dress size. DON’T GOT REWARDING YOURSELF WITH A BLOWOUT ON A TAKEAWAY AND ALL THE CAKE YOU CAN FIND. If you can reward yourself with something tasty but small and something thats not likely to trigger a massive destructive binge, then do that. But my best advice is start changing that deeply engrained ‘food=reward’ thought pattern and choose other things as rewards instead. Perhaps you could get your nails done or spend that money you would have blown on a takeaway on a new dress for that lean machine of a body you’ve been working on!

In short: No food rewards = no destructive binges

There you have it- 5 simple but effective fat-loss tips.

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Thanks for reading!

Love Natasha


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