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Let me introduce myself. I’m Natasha. A healthy foodie, clean baking queen, dairy and egg intolerant lover of natural healing and mum to one beautiful boy with dairy allergy. I am also a Health & Transformation Coach on a mission to show women like you that you can enjoy delicious food, heal your body, learn to love and believe in yourself and get the body you want without compromising your health. Welcome to my world, where believing in yourself is mandatory and nourishing your body and mind is always on the agenda. I love exercise, spirituality, practicing self love, eating clean and more recently, meditating. Although I am not at my slimmest right now after having my baby, I am the most body confident I have been in my entire life. I have built a career in social work as well as a successful business alongside it. But my life wasn’t always this way. Success in all areas seemed out of my grasp for so long. My passion for transforming women’s lives comes from transforming my own. I have been in your shoes. That is my reason, my drive and my passion.

I know how it feels to struggle daily with health, body and confidence issues. From being the ‘fat’ kid in school who was bullied for many years, I lost a lot of weight through overexercising, binging, laxative use and slimming pills. My confidence was so low, I would cross the road just to avoid walking past men or groups of people. Sure I was slim, but I certainly wasn’t healthy- physically or emotionally. I still hated what I saw in the mirror, drank lots of alcohol on nights out to boost my confidence and had a terrible relationship with my body and attracted terrible men. As I entered my 20’s I began getting heart palpitations and was experiencing fertility issues. I slipped 2 disks in my back lifting weights. I had pounded my body into the ground with chronic overexercise. I self-diagnosed adrenal fatigue and set on a mission to heal naturally and be kinder to my body. My life changed when I discovered ‘clean eating’ and the paleo diet. I began nourishing my body with REAL food. I began to feel healthy and strong. I slowly began to realise it did not matter how much weight I lost- that was only part of the bigger picture, to be happy I had to love who I was. I was able to overcome adrenal fatigue and my fertility issues through natural supplements and real food and eventually had my beautiful miracle baby boy in 2016.

Somewhere along this journey my food intolerances led me to starting to make my own healthy cakes (that were loved by many!). I began to experience what I can only describe as a spiritual awakening.I wasn’t scared. If anything, I was comforted. One night I dreamt about making peanut butter in a Vitamix and setting up my own business. That very next morning I found a white feather in my car and I took it as a sign to follow my dreams. My food range Naturally Guilt Free was born. Thousands of people of all ages have enjoyed my guilt free foods and recipes since I launched in 2014.

Over the next couple of years I received many more ‘signs’ and I was further guided to helping women with achieving optimum health. In 2016, Guilt Free Health was born. Good health is so much more than being physically well or being ‘skinny’. In a culture that values slim physiques, weight has become a massive issue in the health industry. Everyone of us is beautiful no matter what we weigh… but as someone who has battled with food all my life I understand how it doesn’t matter what other people tell us- how we FEEL, and what we THINK and BELIEVE about our health and weight has the biggest impact. These thoughts and feelings impact on our behaviour, trapping us in negative cycles.

We self-sabotage our weight loss and health goals with binge eating/ disordered eating or punishing our bodies with over exercising. This usually stems from a deep underlying negative emotions….sadness, loneliness, jealousy, anger, but more often than not they can be pinpointed down to GUILT. Food is often used as a tool to fill a void. Problematic eating, self-sabotage and chronic over-exercise is the body’s cry for help, it is saying ‘there is something missing in your life’ or ‘something isn’t right’. Deep down there is an area of your life making you unhappy. The more negative emotion we feel, the deeper we get into behaviours that sabotage our health and happiness goals in life. These subconscious underlying thoughts often say ‘I do not deserve to look good!’ Or ‘I don’t deserve happiness’.

Good health is a combination of your physical, mental, social, emotional and psychological wellbeing. I truly believe it is my soul’s purpose to help other women on their health journeys. If I could go back and give advice to my former self, it would be: the most important relationship you can ever work on is your relationship with yourself. It affects everything you do and attract in life. It affects romantic relationships, friendships, career success and especially your relationship with food. You need to learn to love yourself, compliment yourself and appreciate yourself. Believe in yourself and never give up. Learn from other women who have gone through the hard experiences so you don’t have to. If you don’t have a supportive social network, join my free online Facebook group for daily motivation and guidance. Transformation needs a holistic approach, one that encompasses body, mind and soul. Change comes from knowledge and motivation, but also from having a deeper level of love and compassion for yourself. You’ll find lots of information and guidance in the blog archives, and some tasty recipes too. If you are ready to take things to the next level, I have a huge range of services that can help you achieve your health goals.


Love Natasha x


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