Transform25 with Detox


Transform your health, inside and out with my easy-to-follow 25 day body and mind transformation programme with detox and Rapid Transformational Therapy. No more confusion over what to eat and when, no more counting calories and starving yourself. You can eat loads of delicious food and lose excess weight as a bonus.

For women who want to dramatically change their health and body shape in a short space of time, and learn how to keep weight off for life.


-4-day detox Kit (expect 4-11lbs loss from this alone!) (Worth £55!)

– 10 simple Nutrition & lifestyle guidelines to follow which personally contributed to 49lbs weight loss

– A coaching style workbook and transformation journal to work on the all important MINDSET

– Support in a closed Facebook group

-Daily self-care and self love reminders ( a KE Y ingredient to weight loss).

– Daily motivation & accountability 


-access to the members platform with recipe ebooks, workout schedules, example meal plans and so much more!


£197.00 £159.00

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