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Whilst doing some market research for my upcoming sugar addiction course, I noticed a lot of the women I spoke to think that sugar addiction is all about the cakes, sweet stuff and chocolate. Your whole diet hugely impacts on your cravings for sugar, not just the typical sweets chocolate and cake!

Here it is explained in simple terms, without all the scientific jargon. All carbohydrates are broken down into sugar when they are digested. This sugar is released into the blood stream and triggers an ‘insulin response’. Insulin is a hormone which pushes the sugar from your blood, into your muscles and fat cells to be stored (hello love handles!).

Processed foods are broken down into sugar super quick . This includes the typical cakes, sweets, biscuits and chocolate. But also, eating processed foods you wouldn’t consider sweet- such as that shop bought sandwich, pasta pot or cereal and  toast or even white potatoes and too much fruit- triggers the insulin response in your body that leads to you craving the sweet stuff for the rest of the day. These types of foods give you the blood sugar spike which brings a short-lived burst of energy, followed by an energy crash.

You want to try and limit or manage the insulin response in your body. Don’t avoid all carbohydrates though. Certain carbohydrates are great for slow release energy (you want to avoid the quick sugar hits that cause the energy peaks and crashes!). Slow release carbs include berries, sweet potatoes, oats and quinoa. If you currently eat bread/pasta and don’t feel you can cut them out from your diet, try to swap for the whole meal varieties to reduce those sugar spikes in your blood that lead to cravings. One tip I give is avoid any ‘white carbs’ (i.e. pasta, bread, potatoes) and replace with their healthier alternatives.

Equally, don’t avoid food altogether, for example, skipping breakfast or skipping meals because you ate a load of chocolate can lead to hunger,  poorer food choices and more cravings. Eat regular meals and chose healthier options if you are craving something sweet. When I make my Naturally Guilt Free goodies, I use a natural sweetener especially because it has a low Glycemic Index. This means is it doesn’t cause a huge spike in blood sugar therefore reducing the insulin response in the body.

Keep a look out for my upcoming e-course to help you overcome sugar addiction for good!


Love Natasha x

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